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Excuse me, but why are people giving Miley Cyrus flak for her trying to twerk? Is she performing it incompetently, or is this another “cultural appropriation” issue?

Well what you’re seeing here is not twerking. But most (black) people are (justifiably) upset with her because she’s yet another white person profiting off of black American hip-hop culture while actual black people are simultaneously shamed and called thugs and hoes and unintelligent for the exact same behavior/trends. So it’s pretty much cultural appropriation to a T.

And her lack of ass makes her incompetent.

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Behind the Scenes of Do the Right Thing (1989) | dir. Spike Lee


Wow! Look at that first-draft! Inspiring. One of my fav movies of all time.

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You dont understand what being a sister means.

You dont understand what it was to see

you dont understand what it was

you dont understand what it

I  dont know how to express to you that i fear disappointing you

Yet, i fear not loving me….

Complex simplicity

This should be the dream

of every teen  or in between

However instead of new orleans humidity  breaking out my skin

causing my hair to frizz

i have you

 pointing out my every flaw

i know its love

but it doesnt sink into my self esteem

as a stone I should use to build

but another stone thrown

with me as a target

my sensitive soul

critiqued for being insensitive

hopeless dreamer

that lacks a back bone

probably because its wrapped around my neck

while my dangles

am i preparing for my ballet solo

or death


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Am I?

Who am I?

 I am starting fresh

I am Starting from a hole so deep

I can barely see the light that  peaks over

Peaks over just to say hey

Hey, How are you?

Change doesnt




i t


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Today it sank in that my first love is married to the girl he cheated on me …. It shouldn’t sting but it does….

Last time we talked he called me cold….. Maybe I am cold….

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Janelle Monae new album The Electric Lady drops September 10..

01 Suite IV: Electric Overture02 Givin Em What They Love [ft. Prince]03 Q.U.E.E.N. [ft. Erykah Badu]04 Electric Lady [ft. Solange]05 Good Morning Midnight (Interlude)06 PrimeTime [ft. Miguel]07 We Were Rock and Roll08 The Chrome Shoppe (Interlude)09 Dance Apocalyptic10 Look Into My Eyes11 Suite V: Electric Overture12 It’s Code13 Ghetto Woman14 Our Favorite Fugitive (Interlude)15 Victory16 Can’t Live Without Your Love17 Sally Ride18 Dorothy Dandridge Eyes [tt. Esperanza Spalding]19 What an Experience20 Q.U.E.E.N. [feat. Erykah Badu] [Wondamix] (Bonus)21 Electric Lady [feat. Big Boi and Cee-Lo Green] [Dungeon-Wondamix] (Bonus)22 HYTB (Bonus)23 I Want You Back (Bonus)


Janelle Monae new album The Electric Lady drops September 10..


01 Suite IV: Electric Overture
02 Givin Em What They Love [ft. Prince]
03 Q.U.E.E.N. [ft. Erykah Badu]
04 Electric Lady [ft. Solange]
05 Good Morning Midnight (Interlude)
06 PrimeTime [ft. Miguel]
07 We Were Rock and Roll
08 The Chrome Shoppe (Interlude)
09 Dance Apocalyptic
10 Look Into My Eyes
11 Suite V: Electric Overture
12 It’s Code
13 Ghetto Woman
14 Our Favorite Fugitive (Interlude)
15 Victory
16 Can’t Live Without Your Love
17 Sally Ride
18 Dorothy Dandridge Eyes [tt. Esperanza Spalding]
19 What an Experience
20 Q.U.E.E.N. [feat. Erykah Badu] [Wondamix] (Bonus)
21 Electric Lady [feat. Big Boi and Cee-Lo Green] [Dungeon-Wondamix] (Bonus)
22 HYTB (Bonus)
23 I Want You Back (Bonus)

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